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What to Do if Your Loved One Has Been Injured in an Accident


Accidents are difficult not only for the injured person, but for their friends and family as well. No one wants to see their loved ones suffer. If your friend or family member has been injured, you naturally want to do everything you can to help, but in the chaos after an accident, it can be difficult to know how to help. Experienced attorneys in Ponca City Oklahoma can guide you and your loved one through this difficult time.

Help Them Get to The Hospital
The first priority is to get medical attention. If your loved one has been injured in an accident, you need to stress the importance of taking them to go see a doctor immediately. Do not wait to see if the injury will go away. Many injuries do not heal on their own and may get worse over time. There are many injuries that may not be obvious till later. This is why it is imperative to get medical attention right away.

Contact the Insurance Provider
Someone with serious injuries may not be able to function properly or even think clearly while under medication. If your loved one is unable to, you may need to contact the insurance provider for them. If you have access to their insurance information, let the insurance provider know about the accident.

Get Legal Representation Right Away
Insurance adjusters will try to give you a settlement and convince you to settle the claim quickly. They can be tricky to deal with, as the settlement is usually much less than your loved one deserves. These adjusters may also try to use anything you say against you. This is why it is always best to let a skilled attorney handle them. A Ponca City injury attorney will know how to negotiate with the insurance companies to defend the rights of your loved one and get the compensation they deserve for their injuries.

Help Them Gather and Keep Track of Documents
Another thing you can do to help is with gathering and organizing the important documents keeping track of expenses. It is important to keep track of all medical bills, lost wages, accident reports, and any pictures or other information regarding the accident. All of this is important to your claim.

Why You Should Call an Accident Attorney in Kay County
Serving throughout Oklahoma and Kansas, Loftis Law Firm can help you through the aftermath of the accident. With everything involved, let us handle the legal aspects of the claim, so you can focus on being there for your loved one at this time when they need you the most. Contact an accident attorney in Kay County for a free consultation.