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FAQS About Insurance Disputes

How Do I Know That I am in an Insurance Dispute?
The minute you and your insurance company do not agree on how to process your claim or how much they want to pay you, you are in dispute. Usually, an insurance dispute in Oklahoma happens very quietly, without anger, so the moment is often missed. If you feel like something is wrong with your claim or the settlement they want to give you, you should contact an attorney right away.

How Do I Know if I am Getting a Fair Settlement?
Insurance companies offer you a payout amount based on “the information provided” and may attempt to give you an offer that is much lower than you deserve. If this is the first offer they have come back with or claim this is your only option, you may not be getting a fair settlement.

It Almost Feels Like I’m Being Pressured to Take Their Offer Quickly. Is This Normal?
Most likely, you are being pressured, and yes, it is normal, but it shouldn’t be. The insurance company’s bottom line is to settle your claim as fast and as cheaply as possible. They will say things like, “This is typical,” or “This is how it is done in this state because of your circumstances,” and other similar sayings. These statements are not always true. This is why you should always get the professional opinion of an attorney.

I Thought Insurance Companies Were Supposed to Help People. Why Are They Giving Me a Hard Time?
When an insurance company does not return your calls, claims they do not have the information you sent them, claims you did not respond promptly even though you can prove you did, and offers well below what recovery is costing you, it is called “acting in bad faith.” The only proper way to make them stop this behavior is to get an Oklahoma insurance dispute attorney involved.

Do Need an Attorney for my Insurance Dispute in Oklahoma?
To get a genuinely fair settlement, you will need to get an attorney involved. A qualified attorney will deal with the insurance company on your behalf, handle much of the paperwork gathering process, court filings, and other matters to ensure you are properly represented.